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Whatever your lifestyle, Knight Kitchens can fulfill your dream for the centerpiece of your home. We’ll create a space that feels good for your first cup of coffee, works well cooking for family and friends, and impresses the casual observer or talented woodworker. And when you choose Knight Kitchens, you’re buying direct from the factory and getting greater value from your investment. And with our lifetime warranty, you’ll get the friendly service and support you want.

We understand that no matter how good your kitchen looks, if it doesn’t function well for your needs or is beyond your price range, you probably won’t be happy with it. That’s why we approach each design with three primary considerations:
function, budget, and aesthetics.

In our line of work, function and form hold
equal footing. To understand our customer’s needs and goals,
we ask the questions:

  • What size space do we have to work with?
  • Who will be using the kitchen and how?
  • Will entertaining be a part of your use?

We only design plans that allow our customers the functionality they need at a price they can afford.

We use your space, design requirements and budget to create the most beautiful kitchen possible, employing the highest degree of craftsmanship and the highest quality materials available.

Whether you’re building, remodeling or restoring, our designers have the experience and expertise to create cabinetry that complements your home’s style. Our custom design service is easy to use. Provide us with some simple information about your kitchen space and requirements and we can offer you a detailed plan for a custom-designed Knight Kitchen including specifications for construction materials and installation.

To get started, download our “Design Wish List”, view Photo Gallery and Doors and read our “Measuring Your Kitchen Guide”.

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